What is the better option: A mobile app development company Vs A freelancer?

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Today, Mobile appshave become an important part of every business entity. If you still don't havea business app, you are missing a key part of business operation. A very important question is mobile app development company San Francisco vs freelancer. Which is best? To know theanswer to this controversial question, you must understand what and how they provide their services to their clients. Let's know more about it.

Knowledge & Skills  

Company: one of thekey factors that matters a lot for mobile app development companies is reputation. Thus, they hire skilled and knowledgeable app developers. Hiring them makes sure quality in the project results. On the other hand, a freelancer may be skilled, but everyone has his or her limitations. Freelancers often depend on the communities of mobile app developers and forums to get answers which is a lengthy process. It is a rarely found quality in freelancers to have such skills and knowledge.   

App service quality   

App developmentcompanies have their own in-house app development team, so it does not matterif you are searching for a service firm that provides iOS or Android app development services, you can get it under one roof. But a freelancer is a man army and will be responsible for the entire Development project. They tend to work on many development projects at a time. Thus, they decide their own priority.   


Hiring a freelancer for your mobile app development is cheaper than hiring a company but it surely comes with a cost. Also, a very common issue that most of the clients come with is incomplete development projects. Freelancers often left the project in the middle due to their other priorities without any warning, as a result both money and time loss. On the other hand, when you go for an app development service provider, there is no need to worry about such issues. Most of the Development companies provide a customized mode of payment and you will get both hourly based payment and fixed price from them. Your project will be completed on time accordingto your signed contract. It will help you to get the app project within your decided budget.  

So, it is veryclear that hiring a professional and experienced android and iOS app development company San Francisco is a better option than hiring a freelancer for your development project. 

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